Zespół Szkół Publicznych w Cieszanowie

Our school is located in a small town in south-eastern Poland close to the Ukrainian border. It’s mostly rural area. It is the region with a high level of unemployment and a large number of occupational travellers and mobile workers. A lot of inhabitants have gone in search of a better job to other parts of our country or abroad.
Our school is a comprehensive school , it has 461 students and 45 teachers and includes: a kindergarten, where children start at the age of 3, a primary schools for children aged 7-13 and a junior high school for children aged 13-15 . Younger learners study English , they can even can start as early as in the kindergarten if their parents wish it because compulsory in primary school. In junior school second modern language is added here we have German. Our school offers opportunities for those more talented as well as children with special needs. We have students with mild mental retardation and with some disabilities, eg. autism. Apart from compulsory subjects that range from Polish or English language, through science to art and PE. For students who have any difficulties we organise extra classes where they can practice more, get help with their homework. The talented ones have variety of extracurricural classes to choose from . We offer sport classes ( different disciplines to choose ) workshops, theme classes( literature and English) . We also organise school trips which let students know their country see different regions, learn geography or history in a much more practical way. At school we celebrate our national days and organise parties for students and for grandparents on their day. Students organise various charities to help other people- sick , poor or disabled.
The project will provide working opportunities in a wide range of fields and subjects on all levels. Visits in partners’ countries allow students not only get acquainted with different styles of life, culture diversity, but also improve awareness of common problems and ways of solving them. This awareness is crucial in creating feelings of European membership. It will help to cross the borders of intolerance and disrespect for cultural and religious reasons. Participation in this project will increase students motivation for learning, especially modern foreign languages and result in intellectual development and improvement of their knowledge about their own region and European countries.

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