Zemedelska profesionalna gimnazya “Kliment Timiriazev”

Zemedelska profesionalna gimnazia “Kliment Timiryazev” is a vocational secondary school in the town of Sandanski. Our town is located close to the borders in South-West Bulgaria. The pleasant climate, clean air, mineral spring, cultural and historical landmarks – all these make our region/ town/ one of the most attractive in Bulgaria. There are lots of different people who have to live and work together .
The number of our students is 652; 125 of them are from families with social and financial problems, 62 are Romanies, 5 of them have special educational needs. Students are from 14 to 19 years old and come from the municipality of Sandanski and the surrounding region. Therefore our students learn different professions. They are related to agriculture, flowers, food, tourism and the economy.
The school’s priority is to improve the school management and teaching-learning methods of the school according to EU priorities and to use these to create an educationally motivating environment. The teachers and school staff encourage students to grow as individuals and become good citizens of The United Europe.
Participation in the project, allows the students to discover different walls in the life.
Their logical thinking will be improved.
They will become more active and they will plan their activities better .
Teachers can get to know other educational programs in partner countries and exchange experiences and best practices for ensuring strong interest in literature, language, history, geography, mathematics, philosophy, art and vocational subjects to students .
The collaboration will enhance interest in learning and basic competences in science and technology to the students.
Making a green wall in the school will show that the walls built by us will be useful, beautiful and improve the school aesthetic environment.
We are committed to integrate the curriculum and extra curriculum activities to enhance the lifelong learning opportunities of our students and the community as a whole.
The Multicultural dialogue will help students to recognise the benefits of empirical thought processes, strengthen their interest, motivate them to learn foreign languages and to develop research skills which can be applied in their future professions. Improving teaching and learning styles should lead achieve equal levels in Bulgaria and European Union and they can have better achievements in life.

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