Stenlille skole

Stenlille skole, Stenlille Denmark
a) The school of Stenlille is a school in the rual area and it is difficult for the students to go to a museum or something cultural, but we have precise educational aims and full respect for each students's personality and background. We would like to open the world for the students and make them to citizens of the EU. Around 10 % of our students are billingual, and we have a special part of the students with special needs.
b) We would like to prepare our students:
To be able to enter into new groups.
To be able to cooperate with many different people.
To act indenpently in complex and unpredictable situations.
To admit to mobility to people who is not aware of their possibilities.
To make the students get closer and bould good relationship with other groups in their local community as well as members of other communities and other countries and at the same time to increase their tolerance towards others.
To become Citizens of Europe by giving them an opportunity to meet, talk to and have fun with their peers from other countries which hopefully will result in increasing their interest in other European countries and cultures.
c) We want to take part in the European collaboration so our pupils personally can experience other European cultures, to make them wonder and consider how and why other people live and act as they do, to get them to know the history of Europe and meaning of the European culture by knowing and working with students from other European countries.

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