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"Mariengymnasium" Is a secondary school in a small town environment at the German/Dutch border which admits pupils from the age of 10. As a bilingual school ( English – German) we have a focus on language. We gained the title "Europa Schule" ( certified Europe School) and focus on European studies related activities in art, social studies and foreign languages.
We see this project as an opportunity to involve our younger students ( aged 10 to 15) in a cross curricular project involving practical art, group dynamic games (social studies) and aspects of European citizenship ( multinational workshops, meeting social studies requirement understanding of European citizenship).
The method of this project fits a student oriented approach which sees the teaching of European citizenship not primarily as learning facts but as understanding facts and constitutional backgrounds as a result of practical hands-on experience starting with the lives of our pupils and the experience of group dynamic exercises as well as artistic expression.
Being located directly at the German Dutch border and having students from immigrant backgrounds in every classroom we are especially interested in developing models of interaction for younger pupils of different languages and national backgrounds.
One particular focus is going to be on the aspect of producing " magic walls" - wallpaper presentations and walls of pop-up books which show how walls can separate people and how by the magic of art, group dynamics and word they can be transformed into protective walls for peace and cooperation.
Using a practical approach to build experience and a solid foundation for theoretical knowledge will enable us to share our experience with students of limited linguistic abilities in English. As the background of our students in English is rather good we see our role in the project as being helpful to improve the language aspect of the multinational workshops of the project.

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