ITCG Niccolini Volterra

The main seat of our Secondary School, the “ITCG F. Niccolini” is in Volterra, an ancient town which was already important 2.400 years ago. Our technical school has got different branches: technical, surveyors and  industrial courses in Volterra and in Pomarance, a nearby town, and a surveyors course in the old prison of Volterra, a prison built in 1472 after the conquest of the town by the Florentines. Thanks to this last course, prisoners achieve knowledge skills and social integration, also achieved thanks to the “Picnic” theatrical, a company directed by one of our teachers. School and theatre have contributed to open the prison to the town. In our school three European languages are taught: English, French and German. Our students are trained to sustain the Language and Computer certificates: PET, DELF, Goethe Fit in Deutsch 2, ECDL basic and  advanced, image and web editing. By the previous Comenius our students have achieved a deeper knowledge of Europe and awareness of common cultural European roots. This experience has been very useful because our city is old and isolated, therefore young people have few contacts with great centers and grow with a close-up mentality to their “closed” reality. Therefore, it is the school that can offer opportunities to promote knowledge and relationships with far away cultures, to enhance their identity when they meet another one. Our students need to feed perspectives for a future in Europe, and not just within the walls of their city.


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