Severo Ochoa Secondary School was founded twenty-one years ago in the outskirts of the city of San Juan de Aznalfarache, 4 km away from the capital city, Seville, in Andalucía. San Juan has a population of around 21500 people. The school neighbouring area is inhabited by working class families of a middle and low social and economic background. Within these families there is an average of 35% in which both parents have a job, another 50% families in which only the father has a job, and there is also a 25% of families in which both parents are unemployed. The town’s proximity to the capital city and its recent underground line to Seville make San Juan to be a dormitory town and there are some students coming from neighbouring municipalities, who use the school bus. Today there are around 525 students in our school, 44 teachers and 6 more non-teaching staff. Our school provides compulsory secondary education, non compulsory A-level and two vocational training programmes: nursing and administration (intermediate degree). There is a great variety of students regarding age, since we have many educational levels but we would like to focus this project on the groups of compulsory secondary education. There is also a great variety in terms of different ethnic groups, since we have inmigrant students coming from South America, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia . Our school is also an integration school, having a number of around 20 students with different special educational needs who attend the integration classroom as part of their weekly schedule, some of whom will participate in the project.
IES Severo Ochoa would like to incorporate in this project the different plans it is already taking part in: Co-education and Equality, a programme to promote equality between men and women, values as freedom, tolerance and solidarity; Cohabitation and School as a Space for Peace, programmes which help enhance teaching-learning quality by promoting respect and tolerance in the classrooms and rejecting any kind of violence. .Several departments are involved in this project:ie Physical Education,Social Natural Science,Foreign Languages and Art. Teachers from these departments monitor students for the different activities to prepare for the project, the common activities our school will organize as a host to all other partners.

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