The Anatolian High School of Gelibolu is located on the Peninsula of Gallipoli. Gelibolu, also is known as Gallipoli (from Greek: kallipolis, "beautiful city"), is the name of a town and a district in Çanakkale Province of the Marmara Region,(one of the seven regions in Turkey) located in Eastern Thrace in the European part of Turkey on the southern shore of the peninsula. Here is also a very old residential place coming from ancient times called Dardanellas. Gelibolu is also the biggest city on the Peninsula of Gelibolu.
The population of the district is 46,000 where 30,000 live in the center. During the summer time, the population increases 2 times more.
Our school is in the city center. There are 380 pupils, aged 14 to 18, who are taught by 34 teachers. Our school has never took part in any EU projects before. In our project group, there are 3 disabled participant students at our school. They could even join some mobilities or other activities. Our school is the most preferred school around this region. So it is paid a lot of attention at high level and quality of education in all cases just because of its name. We have 3 sections; verbal classes, science classes and language classes. Particularly the language classes are so wishful and enthusiastic to take part in this project. We have not only English Language courses but also German Language courses at our school. We have so many groups such as scout groups, folk dances group, cinema group, sport group, music group and social groups at our school.
The students and the teachers are inspired to take part in this Comenius partnership. The parents are even so excited to host the guests from many different countries among EU countries. This multi cultured project will have a great impact not only for our school but also in Gelibolu and Çanakkale region. Joining this project with all our students,teachers and parents is our goal to help us to show respect other nations and religions as well. This will even be a great opportunity to break the language barriers, get involved more in our society activities, breaking some prejudices and to understand the importance of learning a foreign language.
The main aim of this multi-cultured project is also to motivate students to discover more about their territory and the partners’ territory through meetings. Our students will have so many new friends among the EU countries. If we are supported by our NA, we will have a chance of unforgettable cultural activities.

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