Eotvos Jozsef Altalanos Muvelodesi Kozpont

Our school is situated in Diósd, a small town with 8500 inhabitants, in the suburb area of Budapest. A lot of people commute to  the capital city, some of them work in the local town in industrial field. There is no much agriculture, multinational companies provide people with work places. Some families need social help, as they are unemployed. They are at the edge of the society and their children are the most endangered to leave school at the early ages. As the town is situated close to the capital city we  face some environmental problems and  makes the air polluted. That's why the construction of a green wall is needed in the near future around the school. Children find entertainment in the local community and are  involved in the modern life of the capital city,too. It sometimes generates gaps between the generations-the older ones prefer traditional ways of entertainment. Some bricks are needed between the generations' social lives, too. The population of the town is consisted mostly of Hungarians, but there are two other minorities as well- Swab germans and Roma people. We all live in peace trying to maintainn and know each other's traditions and culture. However sometimes some bricks are missing in the way of communication and understanding. The school is located in the town- being the only public school of the locality beside the International Christian School of Budapest. Therefore our students encounter lots of cultures and religions- meeting and having common programmes with the above school-still would increase their sense of mutual understanding-another few bricks needed in this sector. One of our main educational aims is to let our students know their own places in the society, being an active participant, but also know and accept other forms of behaviour and cultures. Our school is open to everyone-we have a  rather small number of students with learning disabilities- which is unfortunately increasing each year, these students are integrated. These students will have a special role in the project- as they are usually talented in Art and crafts, so they can take part in this way of working. Some students need to be more confident- they still do not want to think that they have rights - the game Laboratory for Democracy would fit them well. Participating in such a project motivates our students and show how important it is to know foreign languages, how effective it is to work in teams and cooperate, respect each other and being tolerant.

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