The primary school that takes part in this project is a public school situated in Kallithea, a densely populated city (250.000 inhabitants), which is very close to the capital.Athens. While it cannot be regarded as a disadvantaged area, since it is a big shopping and commercial centre,there is a big variety of ethnic minority groups among the inhabitants and naturally among the pupils of the school. The school community counts 200 students aged six to twelve years of age as well as 25 teachers of all specialities,namely, core subjects such as Language,History, Math and Science, Foreign Languages-English and German as well as Environmental Studies,Art,Drama,Physical Education and Information Technology. The teaching staff caters equally for all students, whether of other ethnicity, origin, religion or different educational needs. Students are familiar with team work as they are involved in various environmental and art projects annually and hopefully will be given the opportunity, through this exchange programme, to be exposed to other cultures, experience and appreciate their heritage and explore a whole new world that is beyond their own narrow borders of country and society. The topic chosen encompasses all aspects of life, finds expression in all forms of art and literature and can be explored and dealt with the majority of subjects involved in the school curriculum. Students will realize how important a tool knowing a language is in aiding communication, explore ways to "break down walls" that continue to exist in our relationships, keeping us in a "safe" isolation, add their own "bricks" to dissolve alienation, differences and discrimination, contributing in doing so, in being active citizens of our European Community.

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